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Providing Everything You Need

Cute Happy Dog

Meet & Greet

All pets are required to undergo a Meet & Greet with their walker/sitter. This meet & greet is so all parties can meet and go over any instructions, rules, and any behavior challenges your pet may have. 

20-30 mins


Dog Walking

30 mins - 60 mins walks.

These walks are tailored to your pets age, activity level and temperament. After the meet and greet you can schedule your first visit. Though our walkers are not dog trainers, we will work on basic leash manners while walking. If there are things you do not wish your dog to access or be exposed to, let us know at the meet and greet.

Walking with Dogs
Cute Cat

Drop in Visits

Tailored for our feline clients. Drop in visits are when the sitter stops by to check on your pet. For our cat clients we will check in, change food, water, letter and also socialize with the friendlier cats. 

Some dogs may need a drop in visit just to hit the yard to potty and then maybe get some socialization inside with the sitter. What ever you need. 

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